• 2011-01-17

    Ode To Screwy Stewy AKA Wife-beater Steve Leigh - [Sl-prokeys, Steve Leigh, wife ]


    Hi, My name is Screwy Stewy (Stuart Kalish)
    I am the Jewwy
    Whose mind went kablooie
    It was no great loss
    All I do is toss
    I used to work for Stax
    But was forced to have my bags pack
    You see, I couldn't stay
    When I couldn't get a lay (from Otis Redding)
    It was there I went by the name Sandy Kay
    My wife had to bolt
    It was definitely my fault
    Even the court told me I had to halt
    Every time I got a little bur
    I would beat her

    I was convicted for making harassing phone calls
    I was almost put in a room that only had walls
    I was being a dick even though I have no balls
    A Hillsborough county judge pronounced me guilty
    I guess he didn't find the 102 phone calls silly

    Once again I was hauled off to court
    I was summoned by a legal tort
    When I thought I could train dogs for sport
    I was sued not for beating my wife but for beatings dogs
    I was dumber than the three budweiser frogs
    I had to declare bankruptcy
    I am not just incompetent with my money
    I am incompetent with everything, you see
    I never pay anyone anyhow
    I was a failure then and I am still a failure now
    I go by Steve Leigh now
    I live like a sow(yellowrose of pedigree database, Jan Johnson)
    because I couldn't even get a cow
    to sleep with me
    I will be a virgin until I am 103