• 2011-02-06

    Wife-beater Stever Steve Leigh Betrayed Once Again Part 1 - [Sl-prokeys, Steve Leigh, wife ]



    It looks like my crack journalist team has discovered the real identity of xbitetab.  This person is none other than Yellowrose of Texas from Pedigreedatabase.com. Hell may hath no fury like a woman scorned, but never say you paid a women back when you never did or she will cast you down in fire, hell and brimstone for all eternity. 

    She led the brigade to throw ol' Screwy Stewy Stuart Kalish AKA Wife-beater Stever Steve Leigh off of Pedigreedatabase.  (Don't Believe me Screwy Stewy?  Why don't you ask her yourself? A good Christian woman like her shouldn't be able to lie. Oh, I forgot, she blocked your number. )

    Xbitetab/Yellowrose thanks for realizing what a sick depraved individual him and his friends are.  Thanks for cleaning up the mess at PDB, to answer your question. NO!  Wife-beater Stever Steve Leigh has absolutely nothing nice to say about anyone? He is so full of hate and bitter.  He can't handle anyone leaving him.  That is why he has to stalk people.  That is why his ex-wife's death certificate is fake. If she just walked out on him, he would continue to stalk her.  I think everything on his website is fake.  He lies so much, he can't remember what is real anymore.  Sorry, you believed his fake, "I am dyieng of Leukemia story" and ended up cleaning that pig stye of his not only for nothing; but he never reimbursed YOU!   

    Sorry Wife-beater Stever Steve Leigh.  Yellowrose is not new around here and is very human.  Too bad the only thing you can contribute to any relationship is hurt and pian.  This is obvious by your website and yoru restraining order yoru wife placed on you, because she feared for her life.  Yellowrose is more human than you ever will.  She cares; something you know nothing about.  You are nothing more than a spoiled little child, that throws an e-tantrum everytime he does not get his way.  Oh and to teh attention whore known as Screwy Stewy Stuart Kalish AKA Wife-beater Stever Steve Leigh AKA Caca Kaye Sandy Kay AKA Looney Leigh Steve Leight. You should take your own advice and not call yellowrose names.  She is not me. 

    Still laughing at you (wife-beater Stever Steve Leigh)  in 2011.  Hey, yelloworse can you tell us about some of failed attempts to court you?  This should be good for some more laughs.  He likes making people laugh.