• 2011-02-06

    Wife-beater Stever Steve Leigh Betrayed Once Again Part 2 - [Sl-prokeys, Steve Leigh, wife ]



    There is so much rebuttal to Screwy Stewy Stuart Kalish AKA Wive-beater Stever Steve Leigh's insipid, childish, moronic, delusional, hate-filled lies; I had to number them.  Unfortuantely, wive-beater Stever Steve Leigh will not be able to follow along, because he can only count up to two.  Also, his reading skills are at a pre-school level and his writing skills are even below that.  


    So let us start with number one.

    1. No! Wife-beater Stever Steve Leigh has nothing nice to say about anyone ever.  If he does say anything nice about anyone he has to bring the attntion back to himself.  

    2. Wrong again wife-beater Stever Steve Leigh.  Yellowrose of Texas is the Grand Dame of PDB.  She has been around a lot longer than you have. 

    3. Really Wife-beater Stever, can't you get anything right? In her case it will be justifiable self-defense.  I guess you forgot the restraining order your ex-wife placed on you. 

    4. True, No one is looking at your website now, but they are certainly looking at mine.  Since I can not manipulate the counter program on this website, but you can manipulate your counter and do.  It shows A) My counter is more accurate and B) my website is filled with the truth.  Geez, if you cannot be honest with the count program, how can you be honest about anything else. You are not even honest with your name Screwy Stewy Stuart Kalish.

    5. I prefer the picture from your massive arrest record.  http://www.hcso.tampa.fl.us/PublicInquiry/ArrestInquiry/ViewArrest?id=04079463&k1=8cd93f1e617d20f&k2=LTU5MTU5MDkxMw%3d%3d

    6. You want an award.  Here it is Moron magazine names you the Moron of the year award.

    7.   I would believe Southernbelle and Yellowrose over you and I believe the death certificate is fake.  It is quite obvious you can not let go of anything.  Lou Castle wrote a response in 2001 and yet here you are rehashing an old argument in 2011.  Of course, she would have to fake her own death to get away from your abuse. 

    8. If anyone knows filth it would be you and Yellowrose.  You post it and she cleans it.  She cleaned your pigstye of a house at great personal expense to her and now it is back to being a mess. Why don't you show how neat and pristine your house is?

    9. Never saw any filth on anyone elses website, just responses to your crack-induced sociopathic delusions.