• 2011-03-03

    Wife-beater Stever Steve Leigh Betrayed Once again Part 5 - [Sl-prokeys, Steve Leigh, wife ]


    And here it is.  The biggie.  Where Yellowrose/xbitetab blasts him for all his lies, hate and crap he spreads.  I guess you chould have given her the $800 she invested in cleaning that pigstye of yours.  Instead of using your section 8 money to buy cheap $20 bags of crack and even cheaper women. 

    Let's show you how he took money from Yellowrose.  I numbered them for the incredible amount of readers I have.  Unfortunately Screwy Stewy Stuart Kalish AKA Wife-beater Stever Steve Leigh won't be able to follow along, his drug addicted brain can only count up to 2. 

    1.  Cash!!! Likely story.  Did you get a receipt?  Where is it?  Why didn't you post it here?  Jan Johnson was really concerned about money when she contacted me trying to sell her kennel.  Since, I named her part of the troll brigade.  I guess she finally woke up. 

    2.  You have a credit card?  Where is that receipt?  Someone who has declared chapter 13 bankruptcy has a credit card!?!

    3. It is a good thing you got someone to take her to the airport as oposed to you getting your drunk and drugged brain in the car.  I wonder if he/she is still waiting for their money.  Probably. 

    4.  Writing a check, then voiding it yourself does not constitute repayment.  Even if she did do that, (Which I highly DOUBT!) where is the other $299.999999999999999999999999999999999999999 that you still owe her.  Belive me the value of your friendship is not worth more than a penny.  Geez friendship from a delusiional, crack head never was musician and and a dog abuser failure reject like you is worth anything.  You should be paying us.