• 2014-10-08

    The Lutz Putz



          It seems it is not enough that wife-beater Stever Steve Leigh wastes our time with his idiotic website. Now he is wasting the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s (HCS) time trying to force the good folks at the HCS department to come up with a trumped charge for all 163 people Mr. Leigh has harassed and stalked . Yes, you heard that right---163 people! Doesn't this perverted gay sexagenarian have anything better to do? Tell us (wife-beater Stever Steve Leigh originally known as Screwy Stewy Stuart Kalish, you can check public records for his address here . He uses hi real name of Stuart Kalish.)--were you born such a retarded shithead, or were you originally a slug who managed to rise to such prominence?


         As you can see from Steve “Looney” Leigh's mugshot and his numerous court appearances where he is better known as “the defendant,” He is so ugly the last time he got a piece of ass was when his hand slipped through the toilet paper. He tried placing a personal ad in Plentyoffish.com, but it was removed once they found out his dearly departed wife (Departed as in running away to Pennsylvania) placed multiple restraining orders on him. If a judge wouldn't give Allyssa Blanton a restraining order after 70 harassing emails, but he gave one to this gelatinous mass of owel vomit says a lot of Steve Leigh. (Also known as Stuart Kreepy Kalish.) You can see Rebeccah Goddard Kalish Leigh' picture here, with a fitting comment.

          Of course shit for brains Steve Leigh shouldn't bear all the blame. His mother and the New Jersey State Police are at fault too. Steve Leigh is so stupid that his mother should have been arrested for smuggling dope. Look at him declaring bankruptcy . (We know he is morally bankrupt, but now we know he is financially bankrupt.) I guess I fail to comprehend how you can continue to function on any level with an IQ that is three degrees below whale shit. Yet he continues to talk gibberish, who or what ever are the cosmic forces are in the universe who created you really ruined a perfect rectum when they put teeth in your mouth! You are a pathetic scumbag. Your parents were scum and you're doing a most glorious job of following the tradition. Also, you are one load I wish your mother had swallowed.

          Now let's look at his miserable failures in his pathetic attempts to have a career. He tried having a career as an organist, but he was quickly fired by the leader of the “Soul Sensations,” Charlie Ingui. This is what he had to say about that wacked-out, drug-addicted sexual-deviant Steve Leigh, “My impression of him is that he's got some problems relating to reality.” Here is a screen shot from one of the members have said at a party. “Steve Looney Leigh showed up at the party, we pretended to be nice to him so his hooker of a girlfriend wouldn't feel embarrassed.” (If she is in public with that mental retard---nothing embarrasses her!) Here is another screen shot of his losing bout with reality. “Steve Leigh lives in Lutz and he played with us on tour recently.” (Hey Steve when you do one of your many acid trips, you don't actually travel anywhere.) Are you aware that you're a pathetic freak? Or are you just completely oblivious to reality, oops right see what Chat charlie Ingui had to say above.

        Now he tried to start a dog training business after cleaning that pathetic loser of a dog trainer drunk Gene England's kennels. (Best not get in a car with him, see Texas Record for DUI.) The state shut down wife-beater-Stever Steve Leigh's dog training business down and confiscated his dogs after he was sued by one Cynthia Kozel . Had you, perchance, been the owner of a viable braincell, you might have aspired to something other than felching the bottom of the food chain. Here is another hilarity. Steve Leigh tried to give a lecture to mail carriers here is what he said, “Dogs are like dudes....” Dudes such eloquence, such professionalism...crap is crap and Steve Leigh is crap. Do us all a favour, and please shut that gaping, tartar-encrusted penis receptacle that you call a mouth; you are a puss-filled cyst in the colon of society. Frankly, if he sucked anymore he could inhale Lou Castle's dick way out in LA. I believe he sucks so much he is actually able to suck his own dick and does so on a regular basis. I wonder if he does that for Gene England?

         What you have written on your stupid website is one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever read. At no point were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone who has viewed it is now dumber for having read it. I am truly sickened by the fact that due to some grand joke on someone else's part I am forced to have to share oxygen with you. You're a miserable failure. A waste of human flesh. Why don't you do the world a favour and blow your brains out, just this time remember to use real bullets. You're a bottom-feeder loser who feeds off the scraps that the roaches won't even touch. I would say, “Hurry up and die already so that I can piss in your grave,” but your not worth even that much effort.