• 2008-12-29

    The Crazy Steve Leigh Troll Brigade


    These are either Crazy Steve Leigh's friends or the voices in his head. Too bad none of the voices in his head are telling him to seek the much needed mental counseling he needs.

    Wuzzup-I like to call wizz-up, because her intelligence is the sh!t. OH wait did I say that. I meant sh!t. She can't think straight.

    Yellow rose who will be now called Yellow Whore another feeble minded troll. She will spend 800 dollars on a ticket to earn 50 cents from crazy Steve Leigh whoring herself. By whoring, I mean defending a despicable wife beater.   

    Pharaoh shall be referred to a burroughs because he cleans Crazy Steve Leigh's @ss by licking it.

    And Oli should be known as Golly because of his naive golly shucks attitude. They refer to pedigree database as PDB. I think it would be better known as Poor Dirt Bags.

    Later on I will expose more of the hypocrisy of the PDB trolls.