• 2009-01-13

    A Response to Multiple Redundant Postings from Crazy Steve Leigh - [Sl-prokeys, Steve Leigh, wife ]


    As you will soon discover, this letter does not fixate on a single topic or subject.

    Of course it won't. Your brain is so fried with psychedelic drugs it can't put together a simple lucid sentence.

    To be perfectly frank and honest, it started out rather focused but I soon found, as I worked on my primary hypothesis and sought corroboration from other sources,

    How many times do we have to tell you---the voices in your head are not other people. And since when has Crazy Steve Leigh been honest.

    http://www.blogbus.com/jsbigdog-logs/33296438.html I just love how you say you have no criminal history. LMFAO!

    that I have quite a number of different things to say about Fat Slob Eric Carothers. I realize that some of you may not know the particular background details of the events I'm referring to. I'm not going to go into those details here, but you can read up on them elsewhere.

    Once again it is because your brain is so fried from the illegal drugs that you can't even think straight.


    This is not Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, where the state would be eager to open the floodgates of gnosticism.

    Crazy Steve Leigh is so afraid of using his real name Kalish. It is not because he is afraid of being persecuted for being Jewish. It is because he was busted in the 80's for transporting illegal drugs.

    Not yet, at least. But he says that advertising is the most veridical form of human communication.

    Once again what do you know about honesty? You say you loved your wife very much. Of course, there is nothing that says I love you like a good beating. http://publicrecord.hillsclerk.com/oridev/criminal_pack.doc?pcSearchMode=NS&pnPidm=1808856&pcCaseId=95-DR-011106&pnCnt=-1&pcCourtType=%25&pnCaseYrFr=1970&pnCaseYrTo=2008&pcCtypCL=ALL&pcLocnCL=ALL

    Wow! Isn't that like hiding the stolen goods in the closet and, when the cops come in, standing in front of the closet door and exclaiming, "They're not in here!"? As someone who enjoys brandishing words like "biblicopsychological" and "internationalization" as a smoke screen to hide his bait-and-switch tactics' inherent paradoxes, Fat Slob Eric must unquestionably be at a loss when someone presents a logical counterargument to his foul-mouthed, treacherous taradiddles.

    First, run-on sentence. Second, you are confusing yourself with other people again.

    Do you really want him to create new (and reinforce existing) prejudices and misconceptions? I think not.

    Stop confusing yourself with other people again.

     The two things I just mentioned—the way that there is a sort of crusade underway, an especially rambunctious, sophomoric crusade consisting of systematic attacks by Fat Slob Eric's revolting lapdogs and intent upon forcing me to become clinically depressed and the fact that it is almost funny (but is actually rather scary) to see how far he will go to inculcate haughty opinions—may sound like they're completely unrelated, but they're not.

     Run-on sentence again. How about taking a course in writing. Oh wait, with the two brain cells you have left it you would never be able to understand or complete a simple sentence.

     Lapdogs are Burro (Pharoh) Yellow Whore (Yellow Rose) Ugly Hog (Uglydog) Wizz-up (Wazzup).

    The common link is that I want my life to count.

    How about volunteering for an organization instead of harassing people. Calling them several times at 2 am in the morning. http://publicrecord.hillsclerk.com/oridev/criminal_pack.doc?pcSearchMode=NS&pnPidm=5600574&pcCaseId=90-CM-019419&pnCnt=-1&pcCourtType=%&pnCaseYrFr=1970&pnCaseYrTo=2008&pcCtypCL=ALL&pcLocnCL=ALL

    I want to be part of something significant and lasting.

    Well your criminal record is definitely lasting. http://publicrecord.hillsclerk.com/oridev/criminal_pack.doc?pcSearchMode=NS&pnPidm=1808856&pcCaseId=95-DR-011106&pnCnt=-1&pcCourtType=%25&pnCaseYrFr=1970&pnCaseYrTo=2008&pcCtypCL=ALL&pcLocnCL=ALL http://publicrecord.hillsclerk.com/oridev/criminal_pack.doc?pcSearchMode=NS&pnPidm=5600574&pcCaseId=90-CM-019419&pnCnt=-1&pcCourtType=%&pnCaseYrFr=1970&pnCaseYrTo=2008&pcCtypCL=ALL&pcLocnCL=ALL http://www.hcso.tampa.fl.us/pub/default.asp?/Online/qdisp/bn=04079463

     I want to reinforce the contentions of all reasonable people and confute those of otiose fanatics. All Fat Slob Eric really wants is to hang onto the perks he's getting from the system. That's all he really cares about. He's an indefatigable spokesman for wowserism, pure and simple.

    Wowserism. No such word. Learn to speak the King's English.

    Let me end this letter by challenging my readers to knock some sense into Fat Slob Eric Carothers. Are you with me, or with the forces of negativism and oppression?

    Sorry, I wonder what kind of force can a two year old hit with? That is the age of your reader.



  • This crazy Leigh guy has been harassing people in the music world as well. In the following links, he uses troll names to attack people, while promoting his shit site. The "ROFL" is a dead give away....




    I am digging up LOTS of dirt on this sick bastard. Wherever he left web tracks over the years, I will investigate and expose this social reject.
  • This Steve Leigh man sent me a private message on a dog board talking dirty to me. I understand why now... yikes.
  • Stuart Kalish is at the point of no return. His madness envelopes him. He is gone. His brain is filled with madness like a filthy cancer. The delusions have taken over and created a pseudo reality for him to live his final days in. Yellow Rose has been suckered in and fallen in love with a dirty porn addict that drinks his problems way every night. What Leigh doesnt know is that she told us way too much about him. More to come...