• 2009-01-18

    Crazy Steve Leigh Convicted of Repeated Harassing Phone Calls - [Sl-prokeys, Steve Leigh, wife ]


    Some people are saying that ol' Crazy Steve Leigh has never been convicted of anything.  I am here to once again show you that it is not true.  Now please click on the link to the Hillsborough County Clerk record that shows crazy Steve Leigh's record. 



    And please follow along.  I will make this simple for you.   


    The second line from the bottom is his charge.  Something we all know he does.  And with VOIP makes it harder to catch him, but he was caught once before.  REPEATDED HARASSING PHONE CALLS.   

    The fourth line shows he is arraigned in a legally binding court in The United States.  The summons was sent to the defendant. The defendants name Crazy Steve Leigh. 

    The 6th line Crazy Steve Leigh waives his right to jury trial. 

    The 7th line Crazy Steve Leigh enters a not guilty plea.  Isn't that a hoot? 

    The 8th line he goes to court without an attorney.  Isn't there a saying that 'someone who represents himself in court has a fool for a client?'

    The 9th line he appears before Judge Hinson.

    The 10th line they set a date for Crazy Steve Leigh to go before Judge Perry.

    Lines 13-16 subpoenas are sent out to the following people; Det Willette, K. Hotaling, EP Sambery, RA Thomas. 

    The 17th line defendant known as Crazy Steve Leigh is given notice of a hearing. 

    The 21st line Crazy Steve Leigh enters a second plea of not guilty. 

    The 31st Line judge Perry Pronounces Crazy Steve Leigh Guilty.


    In case you didn't here me the first time Judge Perry pronounces Crazy Steve Leigh guilty. 


    And once again to make sure you heard me.  Judge Perry says he is guilty. G-U-I-L-T-Y. 


    Now crazy Steve Leigh to get rid of this blog you need to do the following: 


    1.  Get rid of the crappy organs left out in the yard. 

    2.  Get rid of all names on your website.

    3.  And always, always when you leave the house you need to wear clothes.  You are scaring the kids. Seriously man. 



  • Good job jsbigdog. Steve "Sandy Shit" Leigh is in hiding now! Yellow Rose back stabbed him. Urry back stabbed him. All of his "trusted friends" were planted rats! Frawley did well! Leigh is doomed to a life of beating off in a dingy smelly old house. I did some research on the state of sl-prokeys.com . Turns out that his unique websitye vistorss are only in the VERY LOW thousands since its start. Not 6 million as he stated. LOL what a jerkoff Leigh is. Anybody can google stats for sl-prokeys and see the real truth. * MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! LEIGH IS HIDING UNDER HIS WIFE BEATING SPERM ROCK * * *