• 2009-02-11

    Why Steve Leigh Hates Anyone Who Doesn't Use Table Training - [Sl-prokeys, Steve Leigh, wife ]


    Screwy Stewie AKA Steve "I have been using my real name my whole life" Leigh had a dream.  He was to manufacture a line of tables for table training.  He wanted Ed Frawley of Leerburg, Eric Caruthers and Lou Castle to buy his tables.  Fortunately, they were smart enough to stay away from Screwy Stewies products.  The tables had a fundamental flaw that matched his personality---all the screws were loose. 

    Screwy Stewy AKA Crazy Steve Leigh somebody is looking for you.  Yup, your one and only fan.  Where should I send him.  I want to know where you are at the most, jail or the mental hospital? 

    Coming soon: More-on Screwie Stewie AKA Crazy Steve Leigh. 

    Aunt Irma - Yes Screwie Stewie has a famous successful aunt. 

    Felony Drug Convictions - Say b'bye to the guns Screwie Stewie.

    Rebeccah "Sandy" Kalish - Yes folks she is still alive.  I have hard photographic proof from a      newspaper.

    Screwie Stewie AKA crazy Steve Leigh admits Ike Turner Beats Tina Turner. 

    That and more folks. 

    Screwie Stewie, where have you been?  I have missed you pacing back and forth in the kitchen, alternately mumbling and screaming obscenities to yourself.  




  • Leigh is exposed now. Who is his aunt? Mamma Cass? His mind is unraveling now. We left him be and once again his MADNESS consumed him, causing an outburst of socio-psychotic rage. Stuart is a miserable FAILURE in the music world and it gnaws at his filthy skin.