• 2010-09-12

    Steve Leigh is a Cyber Stalker - [Sl-prokeys, Steve Leigh, wife ]


    It is obvious from Stalker Steve Leigh's harassment of people he is an erotomaniac. He seems to be fixated on a couple of individuals. I think ol' Screwy Stewy Stuart Kalish is in love. He seems to be following the same path as a stalker. Stalkers are obsessive. Steve "looney" Leigh is definitely that. Maybe he is hoping just one of them will fall in love with him and move in to the pig sty in Lutz, (Home of Section 8 housing.) Florida. He is obsessive, he is rigid, and he obsesses on you. He could also be paranoid, prone to verbal (His conviction for making harassing phone calls have proven that.) and physical violence (His restraining order for beating his wife has proven that.) , and have a host of other mental and behavioral problems. (His twice a week visit to see a both a psychiatrist and psychologist has proven that.) He is a sociopath who will make your life a hell, or maybe even take it away from you. (See Google cache most members of Pedigree Database believe he is a sociopath. What do you have to do to deal with a stalker? First, be able to recognize one: identify stalker warning signs 1. Self-centered man. 2. They are quite talented and dogged at tracking down the object of their warped affection, and they see nothing wrong in what they do. 3. No matter how strenuously you may reject a stalker, he will never surrender his notion that you will come to your senses, give in to his pursuit, and fall in love with him. 4. It is quite likely he has no friends; his only "relationship" is with you. 5. He is likely to have few, if any, social skills, tends to be a loner, and typically has low self-esteem (If you're one of these, then learn how to build self-esteem); should you make the mistake of showing him some affection, rather than his accepting it, it is equally possible he will consider it a sham and accuse you of mocking him. 6. Angry He can become angry and abusive in a flash. 7. Stalkers come in three flavors. There is the delusional type, also known as the erotomaniac, with whom you have never had a relationship and never will; the hangdog with whom you have broken up but who refuses to believe the affair is over, and the stalker intent on vengeance for the pain he believes you have caused him. Both the delusional stalker and the hangdog stalker have the potential to become vengeful stalkers. All of the above fit Sandy "Caca" Kay (Because his music is the shit, I mean shit.) to a tee. I just want to add something to all of this. If screwy Stewy was such a great musician, husband, dog trainer and human being should he have a kid to pass along his superior genes. I know, I know Rebeccah just didn't have the right equipment. Maybe wife beater Stever Steve Leigh bats for the other team.