• 2010-10-04

    Gene and Vernice England Worst Users Ever - [Sl-prokeys, Steve Leigh, wife ]


    at least that is my opinion. 

    Gene and Vernice England are two of the greediest and most despicable people I have ever known.  How much money do they really need?  They have gotten the emotional retard Steve Leigh to do his dirty work for him.  Steve Leigh attacks other dog trainers like Ed Frawley, Eric Carothers and Lou Castle in order to discredit them.  This way they will go elsewhere.  Now Xbitetab has revealed that there were road trips that involved Gene England and Screwy Stewy (Steve Leigh.)  On some of those trips some dogs have died according to Xbitetab (I guess Gene England let Screwy Stewy try out his table training methods.) and these dogs were secretly buried.  I wonder where those dogs are buried.  Maybe we should check the real estate listings of real estate agents Gene and Vernice England.


       Gene England the world’s greatest dog trainer, pleeeease, don’t make me laugh.  Well I would laugh if it was actually funny, but there I nothing funny about abusing and killing dogs for sport.  You see, he counts Screwy Stewy, Stewart Kalish as one of his great prodigies.  I will say he is a prodigy.  He is a prodigy for killing and abusing dogs as you can see from the court records here.  He was sued and the state confiscated and killed the dog because he did not have health records.  Of course Screwy Stewy also known as Looney Leigh Steve Leigh said it was no big deal.  Gee it is no big deal to kill a dozen or so dogs because of gross incompetence.  The gross incompetence learned from Gene England. 


                You have to remember it is not that far to go from killing dogs to abusing them then killing women.  Didn’t Sandy “Caca” Sandy Kay also known as Screwy Stewy Stuart Kalish and Looney Leigh Steve Leigh (Geeze , how many alias can this guy have?) have a restraining order put on him when he started to beat her.  Oh yes, didn’t he defend wife beater Ike Turner.  I guess wife beaters stick together.  I wonder what skeletons Gene England has in his closet?    Maybe a DUI charge and an Assaut charge in say Texas. 

                Maybe we should work to have him thrown out of the USA dog club.   There is no place for a dog trainer that thinks nothing of killing animals.