• 2010-11-26

    Wife-beater Steve Leigh Ran Away From PDB Again! - [Sl-prokeys, Steve Leigh, wife ]


    It seems ol' Screwy Stewy Stuart Kalish AKA wife-beater Stever Steve Leigh can't stand up to the facts.  Especially those that think and have proven he is a nut job.  It seems the blogs about this emotional retard is growing.  Don't worry I helped Aunt Irma make a mirror site here.  http://auntirma.wordpress.com http://auntirma.blogbus.com

    As I said before, it is not enough you go away, take your trashy site with you. 

    I will give you a friendly piece of advice.  No one likes a reformed sinner more than the Americans.  They are a forgiving lot.  So if you truly want friends take the trash down, focus on your music and your dog training, or else you will forever be known as looney Leigh, Screwy Stewy, Wife-beater Stever or a host of other nicknames dealing with your insanities.  Yeah, you are right, you don't have the intelligence, the talent or the emotional maturity to pull of the reformed sinner act.



  • Steve Leigh is a sociopath and a liar. I am glad to see you are back and making life a living hell for that retard.