• 2010-12-19

    Chicken Steve Leigh is too afraid to post on PDB Again or Is It - [Sl-prokeys, Steve Leigh, wife ]


    It seems there is trouble in Steve Leigh's household.  You know how he tries to use his website to control his friends.  Yellow Whore I mean Yellowrose has recommended one Nate Harves for table training.  Not the emotional retard wife-beater Stever Steve Leigh. 

    Now does he have the guts to post something on table training?  Is it because Gene England will betray him and spill the details, if he causes any more trouble?  Are you afraid of Big Bad Gene England there Looney Leigh Steve Leigh?  You know all your friends betray you! it is a matter of time before Gene England will betray you.  So strike first there Screwy Stewy Stuart Kalish. 

    He has one friend left, Gene England, but can Gene England Stand being associated with him?